-The Name-

Why "Fancy Shanty" you may ask?
That's a good question.

When my Mom first came up with the idea for me to make my own little home, she kept asking me what I would call it. At first I was just calling it my "apartment", 'cause that's kinda how I thought it would be.  But she said I needed something more creative, more exciting. Something that I could look forward to and work towards, not just some "apartment".

So, as we would go about our day, she would call out names.

"What do you think of Relaxy Shack?"

"How about Jam Shed?"

"Layla's Crib?"

But none of those felt right. I didn't want it to sound like a beach bum's house. Don't get me wrong, I would love to live on the beach and surf my days away, if the chance ever came up!

So, I mulled it over for about a week. Then it came to me.  

Fancy Shanty...

And I liked it.
Kind of an oxymoron. Something you wouldn't expect. Different, yet so versitile.
Yep, Fancy Shanty it was!

I'm glad my Mom is so crazy...
She adds a lot of excitement to life. If it wasn't for that head of hers that's always spinning with ideas, I probably wouldn't be doing this project right now.

And the "journey" part has nothing to do with my affinity for the 80s band.
It really is going to be a journey, full of learning; learning new things and learning from my mistakes.
But isn't that life?

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